President's Message

    The Peninsula Chapter of SHRM has been dedicated to the development of the human resource profession since the chapter’s inception eleven years ago.  PenSHRM acknowledges, embraces and aims to address the changing landscape of the profession, new demands and expectations and what our community needs to remain a critical role of every organization.  To enhance our HR community to confidently and successfully support and grow organizations, we've shifted to offering development opportunities that extend beyond traditional HR focuses.  

    How can HR, and other critical business functions, support the organization and employees by evolving and remaining competitive and relevant in an ever changing world?  Through influential and impactful leadership.

    The term leadership is all encompassing, inclusive of all organizational functions and roles.  Leadership requires the attainment and successful application of knowledge and skills to foster and maintain collaboration among teams, heightened performance and a strong company culture.  Whether you are a seasoned organizational leader, starting a new role in leadership or just starting out in the workforce, the PenSHRM Strategic Leadership Conference will provide you with information, knowledge and insights to expand your skill set, maximize your leadership potential and help position you as an influential and impactful leader.

    Angela Neilan, President, Peninsula Chapter of SHRM