2020 Essential Sponsorship

    (Note: Some monthly meetings may be cancelled at the discretion of the Board. Fees paid for meetings subsequently cancelled will be refunded or rescheduled upon mutual agreement of the Sponsor and Board.)

    Company or Organization Profile and HR-related Service or Product

    (This information may be used in program announcements. Attach separate document if necessary. Please provide a copy of your logo in high resolution format.)

      Display a Company Banner (2 x 4 or 2 x 6 only)
      Set up a display table (must be approved by Peninsula SHRM in advance)
      Place marketing materials on luncheon tables (must be approved by Peninsula SHRM in advance)

    Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Peninsula SHRM event!

    All applications are subject to the Board of Directors of Peninsula SHRM approval.

    The Peninsula Chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management ("SHRM") represents dozens of employers from around the greater Peninsula of Hampton Roads. Our members attend monthly professional development meetings on a variety of human resources related topics. Each month, guest speakers from the legal, insurance, benefits, local, state and federal government, human resources and business-related fields present information and materials to our members and guests. Meetings are publicized on our website, http://virginiapeninsula.shrm.org, and by press releases to alert members and prospective members of the community of these substantive professional development opportunities. Peninsula SHRM provides sponsorship opportunities for businesses to display materials, products and/or services, distribute company literature and speak to our members as set forth in our sponsorship levels.

    All requests for sponsorship should be submitted in writing to Peninsula SHRM at least two months in advance of the meeting to be sponsored. There will be no more than one monthly sponsor for each monthly meeting. In the event two sponsors request the same month, that sponsorship will be determined by the date of the request and receipt of payment of the fee. Sponsors may reserve a meeting by submitting an application and their fee with the requested month.

    Sponsors should provide the Peninsula SHRM Board of Directors with copies of their handout materials when requesting approval of a sponsorship. Peninsula SHRM’s Board of Directors retains the final right of approval of all sponsorships and may reject sponsorship materials presented at meetings if those materials are determined to be offensive or unacceptable. This advertising opportunity is to allow a sponsor to advertise its organization, programs and special events. It is not an opportunity for the expression of personal opinions, editorials, and/or politically sensitive positions. 

    Peninsula SHRM will introduce one sponsor representative in the business announcements section of the meeting and provide sponsors the opportunity to invite up to the specified number guests to attend based on sponsorship level, in addition to the one sponsor representative, with the understanding that those guests must be pre-registered before the day of the meeting and will pay the membership fee to attend unless complimentary based on sponsorship level. These guests are welcome to meet with members but are not permitted to solicit them for business. Violations of this agreement will result in the sponsor and the guests being barred in the future.