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    Culture Eats Your HR Strategy for Breakfast

    February 21, 2019
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Marriott at City Center
    740 Town Center Dr.
    Newport News, VA 23606
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    SHRM Learning Objective: Culture Eats Your HR Strategy for Breakfast - How You Can Avoid Being On the Menu?

    Living in a time where most business operations involve working with global talent, HR professionals hold a very vital spot in the workplace ecosystem. An HR professional plays the shape shifting roles of being local and global at the same time by promoting the value of cultural diversity by creating an open, inviting work environment and organizational culture that respects all employees’ unique contributions.
    By the end of this talk, you will become more confident and perform better because:
    • You will now be creating & delivering strategies with a global mindset
    • You can now communicate seamlessly in globally diverse workplace
    • You can identify potential cultural blind spots that contribute to an incorrect brand message
    • You can prevent your organization’s global talent management initiatives from derailing
    This is how you will do it:
    • Self-evaluate and develop cultural intelligence
    • Learning techniques for bridging individual differences and perceptions (e.g., unconscious barrier management, assimilation)
    • Develop a global cultural mindset
    • Build an action-plan with strategies to develop global/diversity inclusive competencies


    Speaker: Somya Dwivedi-Burks

    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Somya Dwivedi-Burks is a certified leadership development coach & a global team consultant who believes in “Developing Leadership without Borders”. To achieve this goal, she empowers professionals (teams, and organizations) with solutions to perform better, communicate effectively and develop global culture mindset.  Somya has helped companies move beyond To-Do lists of international business etiquette and provided targeted support for issues in communication and building a cohesive team. She also specializes in coaching STEM professionals to find their unique leadership style.
    A lifelong learner and an educator, Somya has demonstrated ability of creating learning experiences for over a decade as a university faculty. She is a believer of keeping things simple (as they translate to easy measurements of outcomes). Her working methodology is a blend of principles of coaching, instruction design theories, and her training as a geneticist.
    Somya lives in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia where she operates a boutique consulting firm, Somya trains, LLC. Locally, you can find her listening (and practicing her coaching skills in stealth mode ;-P) or chatting up at local start-up/entrepreneurial meet ups in Hampton Rd area. When she is not working, she is raising two rock-star daughters.

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