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    Civility Training: The Next Challenge for HR Professionals

    October 17, 2019
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Marriott at City Center
    740 Town Center Dr.
    Newport News, VA 23606
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    SHRM Learning Objective: Civility Training

    Ready to Increase Civility at Work? Not so fast… the Next Challenge for HR Professionals

    Civility training is popping up all over in public and private sector workplaces.  This effort could partly be due to the suggestion of EEOC to train for civility and inclusion versus emphasis on compliance, --or that employers are feeling the toll uncivil behaviors are taking on workplace productivity thus creating an urgent need to do something.  The pain of doing nothing seems to be outweighing the discomfort of doing something.  But wait, --something new is popping up.  Who are we targeting and is the person unsuspecting?  Does this effort to create civility bring on more than we are prepared to navigate.
    This session will provide insight into identifying reactive workplace behaviors to efforts of creating civility.  It can’t be that difficult, --could it?  We’ll create one big happy family, --right?  During this session you will learn:
    • how to self-assess accountability to authentically engage and contribute to building a self-sustaining and inclusive culture of civility, 
    • how to identify what is driving uncivil behaviors that seem to have permeated the workplace culture,
    • how to incorporate strategies for creating the safe space needed to offset the discomfort associated with building the desired culture of civility,
    • and, how to incorporate checks and balances for maintaining the culture you desire.


    Speaker: Sharon Harrington


    Speaker Bio:

    Sharon E. Harrington, MA, CPLP is the founder and Senior Organizational Communication Consultant of Amediate, LLC.  She has over 25 years’ experience facilitating workplace learning and mediating issues surrounding internal conflict leading to elevated claims of discrimination.  She primarily consults with organizational leaders to develop empowered teams who are skilled with preventive techniques for self-navigating difficult and uncomfortable workplace situations that cause disruption. She has been a presenter with EEOC TAPS for the past four years discussing civility in the workplace and conducts training for EEO investigators.
    Her experience has varied in the private sector to include manufacturing, aviation, and transportation; as well as public sectors in federal, state, and local jurisdictions that include law enforcement, social services, transportation and public education (K-12 and higher ed.).  Ms. Harrington holds an MA degree in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University and a BA degree in Public Relations/Journalism from Kent State University.  She also holds a certificate in Federal Workplace Mediation from George Mason University and a FAD certificate from the EEOC Institute.

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