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    What Your Employees Don’t Know Can Hurt You

    August 20, 2020
    11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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    Learning Objective: How Personal Financial Stress is Negatively Impacting Your Company’s Bottom Line

    Why is it important to equip your employees with the financial knowledge they need to thrive? Research shows that many, if not most, of your employees are financially stressed, which fuels distractions in the workplace, stagnates productivity and ultimately depletes your bottom line.

    This type of personal overwhelm can and will:
    - Make it difficult for your employees to focus on the important tasks at hand.
    - Inflate unscheduled absences, costing you production time and money.
    - Chip away at employee morale, increasing your turnover and human resource expenditures.

    Simply put, what your employees don’t know can and is hurting you. Join Danijel Velicki, Founder and CEO of Sqwire and Insight Financial Academy, for a compelling dialogue focusing on how creative human resource managers and business owners are investing in employee education today to fuel profitability tomorrow.

    This is a hands-on workshop that will move beyond the statistics and directly into the education that will equip your employees’ long-term success and financial wellness. Explore some of the everyday concepts and key decisions that drive immediate positive change, and give yourself a gut check by reviewing your own personal finances as an example.

    Presentation Learning Objectives
    - Discuss the unique problem areas and complex financial challenges that employees encounter nationwide and the current gap between available information and actionable, personalized solutions.
    - Explore the overall financial impact that companies face as a result of individual employee financial stress, focusing on reported loss statistics as related to productivity, turnover, absenteeism and morale.
    - Review the return on investment for companies that proactively implement robust employee wellness programs that equip and empower employees to confidently achieve their financial goals.
    - Understand the basic financial education and key concepts that will help your employees regain control and confidence over their present finances and their future goals.

    Speaker: Danijel Velicki

    Financial educator and founder of Sqwire and Insight Financial Academy, Danijel Velicki, is fiercely committed to equipping and empowering every single person he encounters with the information and resources to confidently thrive across all facets of life.

    Arriving in the United States in 1995 with just $40 in his pocket and an unwavering commitment to building a life that awarded him the freedom to dream big while also providing the best for his family, Velicki is living proof that the “American Dream” is well within reach for those who remain steadfastly committed to implementing the fundamental resolves and professional habits that mark seasoned leaders from all walks of life. The rapid growth of his professional ventures continue to reflect his proficiency and passion for his craft, awarding him the ability to pivot and evolve as an agile, innovative leader in business and beyond.

    After over 17 years in the financial and insurance services arena, Velicki grew frustrated with the lack of trustworthy financial education available to everyday Americans. He committed his resources and expertise towards developing a financial education platform that delivers online lessons and personalized support to help individuals and their families develop healthy spending habits and informed financial decisions that fuel their long-term sustainability and success.

    Grounded in life skills, one-on-one guidance and a thorough understanding of the complex issues that individuals, companies and families are facing across today’s financial climate, Sqwire is staged to completely eradicate financial illiteracy nationwide, while Insight Financial Academy is uniquely positioned to help socially-minded employers deliver value-added benefits to their employees and clientele.

    A devoted family man, Danijel spends his free time with his wife, Melissa, and their three children, Maja, and twins, Ella and Noah. When not spending time with family on their summer vacations to his childhood home in Croatia, they can all be found at his local gym, Crossfit Chesapeake, encouraging individuals and families to pursue physical health and wellness.

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    Registration fees will be used to purchase food from the marriott and be donated to the virginia peninsula food bank.

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